Meet Alicia!





I am 30 years old young, currently not partnered, studying sexuality studies, writing and surviving in a small suburb outside of Toronto.

I have been in love with love for as long as I can remember and I came to explore non-monogamy quite naturally. The idea of loving with, being with, growing with, just one person was never something for me. It never fit.

This place, this site, this space is for me to reflect on my journey and maybe to stumble into my tribe(s). This began as a creative outlet to explore my journey as a polyamorous black girl looking for uncolonized love, while navigating the crisis of my late twenties - But now, it feels like so much more than that. This is a space for you just as much as it is a space for me.

I don’t know what I’m doing. I never really know what I’m doing but in being honest about that I’ve found so far, that is where the real learning and growth is. Just letting go, being free, and being honest.

Here I share my honest reflections, digital loving hacks, and how I survive while being a polyamorous black girl. Whether you’re here because you’re interested in my journey, you hate my journey and me, you’re curious about polyamory or you just accidentally drunkenly stumbled here whilst looking for group sex pornography - I’m glad you’re here and I hope I can share something helpful and useful for you.

Thank You so much for being here <3

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Oh! I’m also a full time filmmaker; trauma counsellor; researcher and writer. For more of my day to day life please follow me on instagram :)